Your Own Card Business
Interested in a business and a company that offers you an in-demand, unique product that you can feel proud to market? With virtually no competition?

Interested in learning to create multiple income streams through your home card and gift business?

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Just Need to Send a Card?
Let me save you some time. No need to go to the store to find the card, and then find a stamp to mail it.

With Send Out Cards you can send a card for $1.00 or less!

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You choose your card online and add your personal heartfelt message. You can even add your own pictures!

We'll print the card for you on quality card stock, put it in an envelope, add a stamp and drop it in the mailbox for you.

It just takes a few minutes, and your card is on the way without you ever having to leave the computer!

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Welcome to our website where you can send a printed greeting card with your message in Less than 60 Seconds – right here from your computer!

Choose your card

Write your message

Click send

SendOutCards prints it (in your handwriting), stuffs it and mails it, all for less than a greeting card at the store!

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SendOutCards is International. You can become a Distributor in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland). You can send a card from any Country.

When was the last time you sent an unexpected card at an unexpected time to someone you care about? Do you think it would make a difference?

Do you remember people’s birthdays and other special occasions? Do you think that matters to them?

How about a simple Thank You or expression of appreciation. Do you think that would make a difference?

With this incredible tool, not only can you remember people and share appreciation, you can motivate, uplift, encourage and truly make a difference. Here is the interesting thing; the more you do this, the more you realize that you, the sender of these cards, benefits the most.

We are changing people’s lives for good one simple card at a time!

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